Thursday, August 04, 2011

I miss my home...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

New year resolution..

Opss... is already end of January but nothing is too late to do then never... ^^
Trying to give a clear vision what i'm going to do for this coming year which kinda blur for me doing things blindly... so gonna list down my new year resolution here...

So this year would definitely be my changing point in life... after staying 22 years in Malaysia... is time for me to outside from my save point and look around...
I'm already make the first move by applied for my visa and its already approved.. now is time to make it clear what going to do in New Zealand...
so this year resolution gonna be~

1)Save up unnecessary expenses to make sure i can survive when go to NZ...
2)Links all those jobs, hostel, transportation, maps, and so on in to the blog...
3)Study about NZ and do ahead some planning...
4)Go Australia travel at least 2 weeks...
5)oh shit.. maintain myself man... i'm almost 80kg... !@#$%^&*... make it around 75man...!!!

New Zealand... here i'm coming... ^^

Monday, April 26, 2010


在我中学时期,我卖过最多专辑的歌手应该是周杰伦的专辑乐。每一次周杰伦要出专辑的时候都会有很多人来提醒我说他即将在某年某与月出唱片。所以还蛮期待他出唱片的。阿姨是开卖唱片店的,所以可以拿到特价。^^… 但没在中学就没卖了,也少听他的专辑的歌了。昨天心血来潮,突然听到周杰伦新歌首播的消息就去视听,歌曲是以抒情的方式带出“超人的故事”,没歌词的听着那首歌可以说是不知道他在唱什么,那是他的曲讽吗。但歌词的意义是写着他十年来的心路历程与感慨,也可以说是很多艺人及歌手的感触吧。

要视听的话可以去youtube输入 超人不会飞”吧。因为专辑还没出所以是电台版的。


妈妈说 很多事别太计较
  只是使命感找到了我 我睡不着
  如果说 骂人要有点技巧
  我会加点旋律 你会觉得才屌
  我的枪 不会装弹药
  所以放心 不会有人倒
  我拍青蜂侠 不需要替身 因为自信是我绘画的颜料

  我做很多事背后的意义 远离你们想象
  拍个电视出卖了友情 延伸了现在的梦想
  被狗仔拍的那无奈被撞也要有道歉模样 怎样

  那就让我在空中停一停歇 再次俯瞰这个世界
  会让我觉得好一些 拯救地球好累




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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Heroes of Newerth

Maybe I has been addicted to play game since i was young... yet still dunno how to spend my spare time except playing game... All though i have already delete all the application/game on my face book, didn't install any single online game on my lappie, even start holding a book before i slept(read few page only sleep adi)... but i just can't stop playing this strategic game name DotA.. I just found out the real meaning of DotA stand for Defense of the Ancients... Is a game control a single unit(Hero) and pump it to be stronger to fight against your enemy from destroying ur homeland or you go and destory their homeland. I have no idea why i so into this game that spent most of time on my 17-20 age playing that game... imagine that I can play the single game at least 12hours per days.. Except sleeping, i was playing the freaking Dota for the whloe day. Which make me scolded by parent who not doing things suppose to be done... Feel sorry when i think back... Self Discipline is not there at all... No life at all by doing that... ya i make a change by reducing the numbers of playing that game until now only invite by frens only play at Cyber Cafe.. is a good sign of improvement... But sometimes just kinda Boring and dun have anything to replace my previous behavior... no gf, no game, no money... what else can do... going back to old attitude lo... but with a clearer mindset... HERE TO Commit myself ONLY play ONE ROUND PER DAY, if missed can't be replace for the day... ^^

As I'm concern... learning new things is good... so i make a change instate of playing warcraft3 - Dota. I found another new game which exactly the same as DotA name Heroes of Newerth. now is official on BETA now, so for those cheapskate like me not willing to paid for the game and wanna enjoying playing, NOW is TIME... What is so special about this i think is because the name of the heroes, skilled, and the outlook of the heroes are perfectly match, graphic is nicer but make me more confusing, and then leaver and newbie are definitely lesser. So far... i just played once... @@... but looking forward for this game.. make me feel excited...

First hero i used was Chronos which is the conversion of Faceless Void... Most of the skill are almost the same except the first skill now include some damage when it blink/teleports toward the certain area.. It increase the spend of earning gold for him which give area damage to creep... is a plus point for that... ^^...

State & Skill of Chronos
Can check inside the game de... ^^

Played few round adi... but one word can say is blur.... i should do more reading on the hero first... or should i play alone testing the hero first? lolz...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 pack

Recently i just found out... my weight actually drop until 71kg adi... compare 3 year before, in ktar, the heaviest of myself was 84kg... Thanks myself for not giving up to keep fit.. continuously remind myself to go to gym... thanks for instructor in army training who torturing me, Thank for setting a goal to slim down to 75kg but already excess it, thank for those who reminds me you need a change of your outlook especially girls that give rejected me or show face to me... lol...

End of 2006 in KTAR

Beginning of 2010 taken at Bukit Seputih

ps; Got two photo to show but left at home, now at office... will update later if i can online at home..

Its really give you a credit with better first impression when meeting up with new people.. looks more energetic, tidy(I didn't mean Fat is not tidy just but for me will take more time to care of your own outlook), and people tend to like you when you looks good. Eh... dun fake la... you guys always see leng lui and leng zai also what... lolz... One more things is the most important, self confident.... Last time i didn't ever dare to take picture and smile in front of the camera... seriously... I lack of confidence.. That why i hardly find my picture before 2007... lol...
Recently starting to cam whore... lol...

A lot people as me how i get to slim down... is it anyway?
I'm not a Professional trainer and i took so long to slim down that 13kg... Just to share some of my way to start keep fit... :P

The very first thing...
What you want?
For me, my answer is just simple... wanna LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD... NOw is 6 PACK!!
Secondly, Why you want it?
Walao... so stupid question also wanna ask... sure is kao lui la... (hurt by girls) sad story...sobsob
I personally felt that is great being fit, strong and strength... you enjoy a lot of outdoor sport, activities... and you would not get tired easily just by hiking a day... I think different people have their own reason to be physically fit...
Third will be Do you really want it?
@@... are you asking stupid question again...
oh... if you really wanna it i think there plenty of answer which you already know but you just didn't work it out because you just feel like being fit wasn't really what you want... ^^

For those who have no idea why they must be fit, you can think of one day, you going to travel just walk for few km and you start feeling tired, i think you totally would not enjoy your journey... Same as hiking, your purpose is to see the scenery of the sun raise or sunset or even just the sick of its view, if you can't even reach the top of the hill with you strength, see what la... or even you reached the top, but you almost like a dead body, you wouldn't enjoy watching the scenery... ^^

Ways to keep fit
-Cutting your Food intake is generally one of the best way maintain your weight or down but not fit... dun misunderstood that... If your daily workout does not require the amount of calories you intake, it will become fat for you.
-Exercise frequently also important. I suggesting hiking for those who dun like sport, low self-motivation people.. whenever you on the track of the hill, you must finish it... but running a trail-mill eventually you will stop it yourself... ^^
-Food choice also a important aspect. Reduce carbohydrate food and eat more vegetable... ^^
i can have my meal with only mix vege without rice for lunch or dinner.

All the best to leng zai leng lui...

Looking forward for my 6pack... one more tips... dun ever get fat... is really hard to rip off your extra tummy... sob...

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I Love Hiking... !!

It been long time didn't upload my blog.. sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long.. Is not because of busy schedule or work load been bothering me not uploading this blog.. But i can't find a good topic to write about... currently life was like morning wake up for this sick of working at 645am... then 12hours gonna after reaching home nearly 7pm... do exercise achieve my 6pack target which take out my 1hours time... clean up, dinner and also some daily stuff(wash cloth, iron cloth, this and that) already left 2hour for online and and do some reading... such a bored life with not drama and game man!!! I have no time for those except the time I use to eat my dinner watch that 熊猫人 that act by JAY!@#$%

Didn't go out much nowadays.. i mean in going to shopping, CC, Chong K or event movie in weekend that i normally will do... I Shift those habits to a better and healthier exercise which is hiking... The first hike in my life(if not mistaken) is Broga Hill where is at the town of Semenyit... from my house go Broga Hill takes around half and hours which consider near...i been there 3times adi compare my insane sister been there around 10times which is her training ground for hiking.. Different time at the top of the hill have different kind of scenery... is worth to when there more than a time... because the view is extremely nice that attract a lot of people go there to take photo and so on... if you dun like crowded hill i suggest that dun go there on weekend because there are LOT of people which make the whole journey not fun at all... no photo in this computer can't upload it... sobsob..

I start Hiking because of lazy doing cardio workout to reduce my body fat... hiking is totally different feel that you get to feel the nature of the environment with fresh air, lot of different tree and plant to see rather than staring the wall in front of the treadmill... you must finish off our journey not just only to climb up the hill but also descent to finish your whole hiking.. and a plus point is the satisfaction of reaching the top of the hill is like you have achieve your goal... is full of joy~^^

Journey of hiking...

Trip to Sungai Lembing at Kuantan with my mom and sis...

at the Peak of Bukit Panorama, Sungai Lembing

Bukit Tabur at Melawati with East and West(Selangor)...

Is rocky(quartz Crystal) type of hiking... not suitable beginner or with low upper strength people...

Bukit Serdang... Difficulty 1-10 is 1... @@

Gunung Datuk at Rembau, Seremban.. 870m.. 3 1/2hours hiking distances..
the best Scenery among the mountain I went. Will going there again..

Was chasing the time that why can't get a good picture there... sobsob... I think the sun set at there will be beautiful... can't get the view it because we didn't bring headlight/torch light there...

Gunung Nuang... I'm coming....
I think if i got this bike i will come Gunung Nuang more offen because can skip the never ending road with just 5-10 minute... lol...

Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor... 1493m
The peak scenery is block by alot of tree... can't get to see the the whole scenery around the mountain at the peak..

Ouchhh.. @@... my ball...

You pay for that!@#$%^
You can see the perfect view of mist with sunshine on the sky...

2nd resting point, Kem Pacat which mean Camp Leech... but i personal feel that the place should call Camp Bees.. THAT ARE PLENTY OF BEESSSSS...

Bamboo... where is PANDA?
Personally like this view the most... if you dun aware of surrounding you would not notice that... is actually just a certain part of tall tree far from the hiking trail..

One of the resting point at Camp Lolo... it looks like a dead dam..( sorry if i mistake interpret)

Pine Tree at Fraser Hill... Pahang, 1448m, 6km/ 2 1/2 hours hiking distance, one way..

Acting Stupid with Alfred again... ^^..
He always the Funny guy who make people laugh(Acting stupid) when you are moody... lol..
Nice trip, Fresh air, easier than Gunung Nuang, just one part of the Road is Steep..

Bukit Seputih...
If my mom can hike this place... i think most of you guys should not be a problem de hor? :P

With Dumbbell at the Peak.. this hill is almost like Ah Pek Hill.. offen go by the local people at the nearby taman.. They well decorate the peak with the feel of CNY...

Looking forward for more Hill... For those who are interested, you may join me if you want... ^^
Stay Strong and Healthy... the most important... 6Pack.. i'm coming...!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm An Employee!!!@@@#$%^&

It has been the fourth week since I start working at Hyundai - Sime Darby Motors Sdn. Bhd. for internship. Can’t say is suffering but that isn’t what I want to spend rest of my life in this current situation working in office. I think most of the people dislike working is because the salaries were low (not all), long working hours, no freedom and is keep repeating the same task. I frustrate the most is the traveling time who was waste when coming to work. Imagine that the company is just a 10km far from your house but it takes 1hours to reach. Secondly, I really miss my University life. I didn’t appreciate much when I was in the school time. The first thing I when back to University is to get concentrate in learning. What we learn actually will be applicable when come to life. Although some of those things really you though is not that useful, some how it become quite important when face certain problem. Example is topic which you can communicate with people. The more you know the more things you able to share with your friends.

though of posting the long report i have written... but i thinking of the "boringness" of the report, forget about it.........

I find something that i can spend my days without wasting it, listening to the audio books or any audio information. I found that this can improve my language at the same time improve my listening skill... more important things that its motivate me... Currently listen to one of the book name the four hour work week written by Tomotty Ferris taught us to done our things efficiency and productivity. another audio books name get the edge is written Anthony Robbin. hehe... still in the process... half way learning the things... Must fully utilize the things after learn. Gambatte TKW... believe in yourself...